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Behind the Foundation — Peggy and Bob Matthews

In 1972, before coming to San Diego, Peggy and Bob had been living in Chicago, where they enjoyed the kind of life we all dream of – friends, successful careers, and even world travel.  At the time of their move, Peggy was the Midwest editor of Mademoiselle Magazine, and Bob owned his own successful office furniture company.  Years earlier, Bob had been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a chronic condition that causes muscles to tire and weaken easily.  Because of his health concerns, they felt it was time for a simpler life, so they moved to San Diego.

Once here, Bob immersed himself in personal investing, something he had done all his life and a challenge not impacted by his health issues. Peggy, even while working for The Broadway Stores as Promotions Director made it her mission to get involved in their new community.  She started volunteering with groups such as The Museum of Man, the San Carlos Garden Club, The Globe Guilders, The Salvation Army, The Salk Institute, and many others.  After she retired, that volunteering became her full time job, and as with everything she did, she threw herself into it fully.  She became known as the ‘go to’ volunteer when these organizations needed publicity for their major charity events, helping them accomplish their fundraising and awareness goals year after year. 

Sadly, Bob passed away in 2006 after some years of failing health.  Ever the go-getter, Peggy continued her busy schedule of volunteer work well into her 90’s.  In her later years she started to consider what she and Bob would have as a legacy.  It was then she began to set up endowments for some of the organizations they had supported over the years.  It was her wish that after she was gone a foundation be established to continue the Matthews legacy of giving to San Diego .  When Peggy passed away in 2018, the Peggy and Robert Matthews Foundation was established, the realization of her dream.

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